Poul Anderson  –  Uncleftish Beholding, in «Peculiar English»

Anonymous?  –  Computer Stuff

Aristogeronte  –  Gauge width in Spanish railways

Petr Beckmann  –  The Roman Pest

Michael Bell  –  What if? – The question being, «What if a track gauge of 2ft had become standard?»

David Cofield

(don’t read these if you have not read The Lord of the Rings)

The Hands of a King

Heirs Apparent

Gerald Durrell  –  Animals for Ever

Garvan Laing


Misfortune and Mobility

New Zealand Railways Bridges & Tunnels (revised 2004 by Garvan Laing)

Te waka Maori – Canoes of Polynesia and the New Zealand Maori

Joseph Ecclesine  –  Big words are for the birds

Juan Manuel Grijalvo

The Sóller Railway

The Nokia 9210 Communicator

Magic Transportation in Harry Potter’s World

Room in Bree

High-speed railways and «standard» gauge

The Myth of the «Standard» Gauge

Michael Mullan  –  Index of Obituaries, with translations by Juan Manuel Grijalvo

The Ibiza Sun  –  The Island’s Public Transport Expert

Edvard Rtveladze  –  Uzbekistan and Spain. Historical and Cultural Contacts

Xenophon Zolotas  –  Two Speeches, in «Peculiar English»…