Almost ready to toot a couple of numbers

with Norberto Rodríguez and Andre Stijnen…

photo by ‘Jack the Ripper’



Robert Milton Rounkle

12/05/1943 – 25/08/2020

U.S. Army veteran



El Maestro




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A word about GUNS in America


Chowchilla Union High School

1961 graduate




«El Maestro»

is the pen name

of U.S. citizen Robert M. Rounkle.

His pen name was «given» to him

by his fellow Cartoonists and Caricaturists

in Europe,

where he has lived for the past 17 years.

Bob is a Viet Nam Vet residing on IBIZA.

His work can be found on websites all over the net.

He has sold non-political one panel cartoons to King Features Syndicate,

but is best known in Europe for his Editorial Cartoons and Caricature.


U. S. Army

‘Masters’ degree in SURVIVAL, University of ‘A SHAU VALLEY’, Vietnam, 1968.