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Chiste anónimo…

Por |febrero 17th, 2017|

Esta historieta me la ha contado un amigo
que ha dado vueltas por medio mundo.

Este es uno que se muere.
Como ha sido bueno, llega al cielo
y San Pedro le dice que puede escoger
si quiere pasar la eternidad
en el paraíso o en el infierno. […]

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Juan Manuel Grijalvo – Room in Bree – JRRT

Por |noviembre 28th, 2015|

Published in ‘Beyond Bree’, January 2009

For reasons that we shall discuss later, this work starts with a quote from Tolkien:

“We all know the differences in kind, but we are not always sure how to place anything that we hear. A child may well believe a report that there are ogres in the next county; many grown-up persons find it easy to believe of another country; and as for another planet, very few adults seem able to imagine it as peopled, if at all, by anything but monsters of iniquity.” (On Fairy-Stories, page 42). […]

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