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Jm – Top Secret Drum Corps

Por |octubre 19th, 2015|


Seven young talented drummers who knew each other from the Basler Fasnacht

and jointly cultivated the traditional Basel drumming, founded the group Top Secret in 1991.

They wanted to play more than just carnival drum marches and began to mix

the traditional Basel drumming style with other drum types as well as adding visual effects.

This unique idea and the passion of the seven drummers quickly lead to national and international success.

Top Secret received an invitation to perform in the 2003 Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo in Scotland.

In order to participate in Edinburgh, new drummers had to be recruited and trained

to enlarge the group so that they could develop a marching show for the first time.

Since 2003 the drum corps went on to travel the world, from Russia to Canada,

Australia to the Unites States, from South Africa to China and all over Europe.

There have also been further performances

at the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

in 2006, 2009, 2012 ,2015 and 2018.

Their exciting performances are well known for their precision, humour and thrilling tempo.

With twenty-plus years of passion, imagination and dedication,

these top Basel drummers have proven themselves to be a sustainable world-class act.

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Tf – Durchmesserlinie Altstetten-Zürich HB-Oerlikon

Por |octubre 17th, 2015|


Durchmesserlinie Zürich:

Fahrt Zürich Altstetten – Zürich HB Löwenstrasse über Brücken


Fahrt von Zürich Altstetten

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Tfcch – Rhätische Bahn – RhB

Por |septiembre 15th, 2015|


Steam-Train Rides

Full steam ahead

through Graubünden

Puffing and hissing

through the Landwasser Valley,

the Surselva and Engadin:

powered by fire and water,

the RhB steam engines make their way

through the Swiss canton of Graubünden.

Find out more:

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B – Silvan Zingg

Por |julio 23rd, 2015|

Boogie Woogie & Blues – Piano […]

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B – Hans Hilfiker

Por |julio 4th, 2015|

15 Septiembre 1901

2 Marzo 1993

Reloj de los ferrocarriles suizos



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Mm – Greisinger Museum – JRRT

Por |junio 2nd, 2015|

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Pa – JRRT – Seryn Ennor – Society of the Friends of Middle-earth

Por |junio 2nd, 2015|

Welcome to the web page of
the Friends of Middle-earth,
Seryn Ennor.

On this website you will find
information and news
about our society and its activities.



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Tn – Galère «La Liberté»

Por |mayo 20th, 2015|

Galère «La Liberté»  –

Movistar – Anuncio curioso

Por |mayo 14th, 2015|


Soy cliente de Movistar. He recibido un anuncio por SMS cuyo tenor literal es:

Publi: ¿Viaja a Europa? Siga conectado y ahorre con la nueva tarifa Movistar Viaje Europa.

2,50 e/ dìa por cada 50 MB en la UE o 100 MB en Suiza. Mas info 1004