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Looks like Basement Cat…

Por |diciembre 26th, 2015|

… gets coal again this year.





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Patrick H. Wynne – The Super Bowl is… – Kitten Halftime Show

Por |octubre 16th, 2015|

The Super Bowl is

the culminating game

of the American football season,

as famous here for

the events associated with it

— an over-the-top

extravagant halftime show

by some entertainer-du-jour and

very expensively produced,

attention-grabbing commercials —

as it is for the football game itself.


The tv network Animal Planet

even shows a “Puppy Bowl”

as counterprogramming

(cute puppies cavorting

in a football stadium set

for a couple hours),

and this features

a […]

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Pa – The Mythopoeic Society – JRRT

Por |octubre 14th, 2015|


The Mythopoeic Society is
a non-profit organization
devoted to the study of
mythopoeic literature,

particularly the works of
members of the informal
Oxford literary circle
known as the “Inklings.”




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B – Patrick H. Wynne

Por |julio 5th, 2015|

Melkor – Ungoliant



The Cottage of Lost Play





Caturday Pics








Tolkien Gateway – JRRT



Cz – Caturday pics

Por |junio 1st, 2015|

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Caturday Pics – 5,  by  Patrick H. Wynne

Por |mayo 31st, 2015|

Caturday Pics – 5,  by  Patrick H. Wynne

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B – Lola – Patrick H. Wynne

Por |mayo 2nd, 2015|

Beautiful Lola

Patrick H. Wynne

Patrick H. Wynne – Mimi

Por |abril 26th, 2015|




Patrick H. Wynne – Tiffy – Tevildo

Por |abril 26th, 2015|

“Now Tevildo
seeing Beren
narrowed his eyes
until they seemed to shut,
and said:

‘I smell dog’,

and he took dislike to Beren
from that moment.”

— from “The Tale of Tinúviel”


Bonus Caturday Pic (Tolkien Week Edition) — with Tiffy. […]

Patrick H. Wynne – Lola – Whiskers

Por |abril 24th, 2015|

Lola – Whiskers

Caturday Pics