B – Amaya Grijalvo

Juan Manuel Grijalvo – Reclutamiento

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En memoria de Amaya Grijalvo

Octubre de 2003

Verá usted, yo tenía una hermana. […]

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YHA – 19850516

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16 de Mayo de 1985


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YHA – 19560127

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N. Barcelona, 27 de Enero de 1956


Mi hermana Amaya


hubiera cumplido años…



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B – Luis Bassat Coen

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Luis Bassat Coen

N. Barcelona, 6 de Octubre de 1941




http://www.luisbassat.com […]

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Luis Bassat  –  Por ti, Amaya  –  Amaya Grijalvo

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Pocas veces en mi vida me ha costado tanto dar una conferencia.

Hace varios meses, recibí la invitación de Paul Bicklen, – […]

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Joseph Ecclesine – Big words are for the birds

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When you come right down to it, there is no law that says you have to use big words in ads.

There are lots of small words, and good ones, that can be made to say all the things you want to say — quite as well as the big ones.

It may take more time to find the small words — but it can be well worth it. For most small words are quick to grasp. And best of all, most of us know what they mean.

Some small words — a lot of them, in fact — can say a thing just the way it should be said. They can be crisp, brief, to the point. Or they can be soft, round, smooth — rich with just the right feel, the right taste.

Use them with care and what you say can be slow, or fast, to read — as you wish. […]