Engine 52 8055

was built in 1942/1943

in Grafenstaden,

in German occupied France.

As a member of the 52 class it was

a typical austerity-type wartime locomotive

of which some 6000 examples

were built in factories

all across Europe during World War II

and shortly thereafter.

Hence, locomotives of the 52 class

are commonly referred to as “Kriegslok” meaning “Wartime”.

52 8055 originally had the designation number of 52 1649.

It was only in the 1960s, when it was thoroughly over-hauled and re-boilered

by the Deutsche Reichsbahn in East Germany, that it received the new numbering,

symbolizing the fact that it was one of over 200 locomotives from the 52 class

that had been upgraded and incorporated into the new East German 52 80 class.

After German reunification and the dissolution of the Deutsche Reichsbahn,

the engine moved to the non-profit railway association EFZ in southern Germany

to become a museum engine and to haul steam heritage trains.

However in 1995 the engine became superfluous to requirements,

and consideration was given to using it to provide spare parts for other engines.