A successful author

such as J.R.R. Tolkien

does have many admirers

and even more people would like

to use his popularity for their own ends,

that is,

they would like to cash in

on the writer of some of

the most popular stories

in the history of mankind.

They come up with brilliant ideas that there has to be some link between City A, Building B or Person C (which they usually happen to represent) and aforementioned author – and you, dear reader, should be making the most of this: Spend your money on it.

For some people it is just wishful thinking. As a Tolkienist I would love a many cities A, buildings B or persons C to have some sort of link to my favourite author but in the end I have to stick with the facts.

To show you the facts I will produce an on-going series of things J.R.R. Tolkien has never said, done, written or had anything to do with.

I will try and provide you with articles to the best of my abilities and will always be open for correction – this is the point about research (when well done): be open to admit a mistake, correct it and let people know you corrected it.