A senior board member
who spoke on condition of anonymity said:

“A company is coming
and selling us a 37-year-old technology
and we are releasing it
as one of the best ever-made available to India.

We can’t take a decision
on introducing Talgo trains
till we do such experiments
with more companies.”

>>> Um.

It is not 37-year-old: Talgo has been around for about 75 years,
and the company has developed at least a dozen different versions of the train.

Indian Railways may check the state of the broad gauge Renfe tracks from 1942 to 2016
and choose one of the proven technologies used here by Talgo.

That is the beauty of it:
Japanese or Chinese will ask IR to build a whole new network for their fast trains.

Just think of the havoc when the new lines reach the big cities.

Talgo will run anywhere in India,
and will be faster and safer than the heavy -and top-heavy- steel cars.

They never made a Metric Talgo, though…