A downward puff of smoke. «Boys educate each other, they say, more than we can or dare. If I had used one half of the moral suasion you may or may not have employed—»

«With the best motives in the world. Don’t forget our pious motives, Padre,» said M’Turk.

«I suppose I should be now languishing in Bideford jail, shouldn’t I? Well, to quote the Head, in a little business which we have agreed to forget, that strikes me as flagrant injustice… What are you laughing at, you young sinners? Isn’t it true? I will not stay to be shouted at. What I looked into this den of iniquity for was to find out if any one cared to come down for a bathe off the Ridge. But I see you won’t.»

«Won’t we, though! Half a shake, Padre Sahib, till we get our towels, and nous sommes avec vous