Shehzad Saleem:

What is the cause of terrorism, ISIS and other such organizations of the sort made by Muslims?

How can we get rid of that?

Javed Ahmad Ghamidi:

The root cause of terrorism that is being commited by some Muslims today is the religious thought,

which is being preached in the Muslim medressahs and being propagated through their political movements.

Almost every single medressah and religious scholar is teaching the four main doctrines of this religious thought.

They may not be doing it publicly, but they are doing it nevertheless – they surely are!

What are those four doctrines?

Please note:

1 – First: Polytheism, kufar or apostasy (someone abandons Islam) commited anywhere in the world,

are all punishable by death and we have the right to implement this punishment.

2 – The second thing they preach is that non-Muslims were born to be subjugated.

None other than Muslims have the right to govern.

Every non-Muslim govern is illegitimate.

We shall overthrow any such government whenever we have the capacity.

3 – The third teaching is that all the Muslims of the world should be under the rule of a single Islamic government,

called The Caliphate.

Their independent states have no legitimacy.

4 – The fourth doctrine is that the modern nation state is a form of kufr and there is no room in Islam for it.

These are the four basic tenets of our current religious thought.

Tell me, what would YOU do in you were indoctrinated in this manner?


Shamim Masih